• 3rd - 6th
  • August
  • 2016

The Concept of Festival

Novalis Festival focuses on contemporary music repertoire that collaborates with other art forms. Situated in Zagreb and on the Croatian coastal city of Zadar, Novalis offers the excellent combination of high quality music with charming Mediterranean surroundings. The three concepts that best represent this festival are: innovation, interdisciplinary projects, and interaction.

INNOVATION firstly relates to projects that involve new media, performance techniques, unusual instruments, etc. It also means breaking away from the traditional classical concert ritual. Most of our concerts will be open air and will take place in unusual spaces (on a dock or boat, in the woods, etc.).

Our second goal is INTERDISCIPLINARY projects. Each year we explore a particular theme, to which most of the presented pieces relate (e.g. electronics & dance, chamber music & video, orchestra & theatre, …). We aim to program pieces that stimulate the senses in a way that lets our audiences relate better to the idea behind the artwork, and to attract a broader public as well as the professional music community. We believe that everybody can enjoy the experience of contemporary music, especially if it's presented in an engaging format.

Finally, we wish to have more INTERACTION between performers and public. International as well as local ensembles, performers and composers, in addition to their performance will engage in the educational part of the festival, giving pre­concert talks, round tables and workshops for youth and emerging artists. Our wish is to create a meeting point where professionals from different branches of the arts can exchange influences and contacts, while the public can bear witness to the brand new ideas that result.

Sonar spaces is the theme of this year's Novalis festival. The guest ensembles Chromoson and Reactive are putting their focus on contemporary electronic and experimental sound, video projections and lights. In synthetic sound immersion, the perception of our surroundings changes and new sonar spaces emerge.

The concert in Zadar has been organized in partnership with Zadar snova.

  • Kasia Kadłubowska
  • Reactive Ensemble
  • Chromoson Ensemble
  • Kasia Kadłubowska

    Kasia Kadłubowska

  • Reactive Ensemble

    Reactive Ensemble

  • Chromoson Ensemble

    Chromoson Ensemble



Reactive Ensemble

special guest

Gonçalo Cruzinha

Chromoson Ensemble

Kalaschnikov feat. Reactive Ensemble is a project of Polish performer and percussion artist Kasia Kadlubowska and Chilean composer and media artist Remmy Canedo. The concept was created for Dni Muzyki Nowej Festival in Poland 14'. Concert installation programs include unusual contemporary percussion repertoire from the 1960’s to the present. The pieces chosen for this performance are mainly written for solo percussionist, but drift far away from common instrumental usage and understanding, including pieces for brainwaves, percussionist body, amplified plants or infrared camera.
Kadlubowska and Canedo play with the fine line between interpretation, instrumentalist/instrumentalism, performance, electroacoustics and music theater, and create their own space and place for performer, redefining what it means to be a percussionist in the process.

Kasia Kadłubowska
As an artist, Kasia balances her time between performance, contemporary music, conceptualism, improvisation and entertainment music. On the one hand, Kasia slips away from conventional perception of music and percussion, on the other, she plays with an awareness of cliché and stereotype. She finished a Master of Arts degree at the Academy for Music and Performing Art in Stuttgart, as well as the Academy of Music in Gdansk. She also studied at Conservatoire National Supérieur Musique et Danse in Lyon. Her virtuosity has ensured her numerous international awards and scholarships.
(Photo by Alex Wunsch)

Reactive is an electronic ensemble focusing on the realization of concerts and art installations in dialog with new technologies. The ensemble’s main purpose is to provide technological support for the creation, implementation and performance of demanding audiovisual works. Reactive is constituted of a hardware network, which allows for full interaction between performers and computers. Some features available are: live digital sound processing, motion capture and live video processing, real time post-composition, interaction with sensors and human interface devices, data conversion, mapping and networking. As a modular ensemble, Reactive can be adapted to fulfill any setup, giving musicians the flexibility to experiment and the warranty of a successful performance.
(Photo by Przemyslaw Dzus)

Gonçalo Cruzinha was born in Lisbon (Portugal). He studied at Escola Superior de Dança and graduated from the Fontys Hochschule voor de Kunsten in Tilburg (Netherlands). From the beginning of his studies he started working as a performer and dancer, creating, collaborating and freelancing with different artists including: a.o. Eddy Becquart, Companhia Instável, Vloeistof, Raman Zaya, Bodies Anonymous, Yui Kawaguchi, Dali Touiti, Heike Hennig, Michael Langeneckert, Theater Stadt Aalen, Franceschini&Droste, Noas Cia, Anja Kozik & Oximoro, Micha Purucker, and Backsteinhaus Produktion.
(Photo by Robert Haas)

Chromoson Ensemble is a promising young contemporary music ensemble, founded by Carolin Ralser (Vienna), Philipp Lamprecht (Salzburg) and Hannes Kerschbaumer (Innsbruck) in 2014. The ensemble members are all ex-students of Music University in Graz, Vienna and Salzburg who specialized in contemporary music at International Ensemble Modern Academie in Frankfurt, are winners of several international competitions, and frequently play as guests in renowned orchestras and ensembles such as Staatsoper Vienna, Max Steiner Orchester, Konzerthaus Vienna, Wiener Musikverein, Salzburger Festspiele, etc. Chromoson is Ensemble in Residence at Austrian Hong Kong Composers Connection, an intercultural platform for young composers and musicians from Hong Kong and Austria.
Besides their active role as performers, the ensemble members are greatly interested in workshops, teaching and audience building, all with the purpose of spreading knowledge and creating new generations of contemporary music listeners. Among many educative activities, Chromoson are very proud to have a teaching contract with the University-Mozarteum Salzburg/Expos.

  • Steve Reich
  • John Cage
  • Alvin Lucier
  • Agostino Di Scipio
  • Vinko Globokar
  • Genoël von Lilienstern
  • Hugo Morales Murguia
  • Matko Brekalo
  • Remmy Canedo
  • Hannes Kerschbaumer
  • Carolin Ralser
  • Davor B. Vincze

Warm-Up Concert

Friday 22/07/2016


Kalaschnikov feat. Reactive Ensemble


Wednesday 03/08/2016

HDS (Hrvatsko društvo skladatelja), Berislavićeva 9, ZAGREB

Kalaschnikov feat. Reactive Ensemble (Special guest Gonçalo Cruzinha)

Saturday 06/08/2016

(Across from Administration Office of Zadar County, UL. BOŽIDARA PETRANOVIĆA 8)

21:00 - RAYONS UV-A
Chromoson Ensemble
Kalaschnikov feat. Reactive Ensemble (Special guest Gonçalo Cruzinha)


Thursday 04/08/2016 & Saturday 06/08/2016



  • Davor Branimir Vincze
  • Ivana Biliško
  • Ruffin Relja
  • Davor Branimir Vincze

    Davor Branimir Vincze

  • Ivana Biliško

    Ivana Biliško

The Team

Davor and Ivana met while studying music at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Graz (Austria). They soon discovered a shared passion for contemporary music and its interdisciplinary potential. Using their knowledge, experience and contacts from being active participants in international festivals and workshops (MATA, Impuls, Musikprotokoll, Royamont, IRCAM, Muzičko biennale Zagreb,…) they decided to contribute to the Croatian contemporary music scene as well. Thus, in 2014 they conceived and founded the NOVALIS Music + Art Festival as a kind of creative platform and “meeting point” for contemporary innovations.

After amazing first edition, we are looking forward to bringing you even more excitement this year. So come and be the part of extraordinary music environment in Croatia’s capital Zagreb and in the beautiful coastal town Zadar.

Further information:

Davor Branimir Vincze (Artistic Director)

Ivana Biliško (Festival Producer)

Ruffin Relja (Project & Graphics)

Johannes Frey (Webdesign)

Damjan Denona (Festival Photographer)

Tomislav Mataić (Festival Cameraman)

How to get there

The 2 closest airports are Zagreb & Zadar.

A bus leaves every few hours (look at the timetable in the link) and takes about 4 hours. By car it is slightly faster.

A bus leaves every few hours (look at the timetable in the link) and takes about 4 hours. By car it is slightly faster.

For any further information you can contact us.